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The cure sad songs

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The cure sad songs

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And if you don't buy any of that, you can be quite sure of this: Niche bands with entirely subterranean fanbases don't get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's hard enough to get the institution to acknowledge even the most massive and obvious alt-rock success stories -- from U. Of course, this should've been most obvious from the music itself. More importantly, the majority of their best songs mixed those primary colors into new shades that were totally their own, recognizing that happiness and sadness are far from discrete, independent emotions, nor is anything in between. But the pull quotes could be deceiving. But the songs they kick off couldn't be more different: The former is the kind of apocalyptic death-disco throwdown you might expect from such a lede, but the latter is a jangly endorphin rush of a pop-rock singalong.

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The 35 saddest albums of all time

Bruce Springsteen 's song of the same name is just as depressing. Looking back, was a great year for this. He asks to be taken next, so they can be together again. Even though officially it is not just about the tragedyat times this album requires an insane amount of emotional stamina to stand. He used that as a launching point for one of his saddest songs, which is either about a devastating breakup or a death.

Mysterious, atmospheric, and haunting, Ruins was released in He found among the ruins a wallet containing pictures of his wife. It's the kind of song whose third-verse revelation that the love story detailed in the first two verses was probably a dream about a dead girl doesn't change its feeling at all. Beneath the brassy exterior, Winehouse had a real fragility that was never better bared than on this iconic track, and its monochrome video.

Because empathy is one of the reasons why we all love sad music, A Crow Looked At Me is an album that relentlessly asks us to Elverum through the dark path of grief. Sad-song musical hallmarks like cello, acoustic guitar and a dirge-like rhythm are all over "About Today. Emo much before sogns existed. Frigid Stars LP still remains as one of the best albums of the genre and it will keep bringing sax down for many decades to come.

The cure's 40 best songs: critic's picks

But this time, happily, we already included it in our list. And who can resist the strikingly minimalist approach to this sad breakup song, in which the Irish singer counts the hours since she got the devastating news. It was the sound of a man who had lost his true love, and was himself staring death in songss face.

It's got both gravity and lift, and it makes Smith's plain-faced vows of forever feel as resonant as Lord Byron. While lacking the spectral grandeur that would come to define the group at their peak, everything else is already here: The instrumental interplay, the ear for hooks, and particularly the world-building lyrics.

Sad songs: the 50 best tearjerkers

It has everything I'd want to capture in one song. Want to the Discogs community of music lovers? A backpack for when she goes to school a couple years from now. I listen to.

Whatever the song is about -- a depressed young man, a heartbroken dude, a person coming to terms with his mortality -- it's certainly one of the saddest songs the Smiths ever recorded. Saddest moment The self-titled song captures perfectly the spirit of the album and is an incredible ending for this record.

The cure's saddest song? - page 7

The Antlers — Hospice In their breakthrough album, The Ssd told the story of the relationship between a hospice worker and a female patient suffering from terminal bone cancer. So he wrote "Across the Sea" instead. He made it. The sadness of the departure being compensated by the conviction that the two will be together again.

The 35 saddest albums of all time | discogs

The shipping forecast has never sounded so loaded. Picking the saddest of his albums is a futile exercise, but here we are. But that doesn't make this somber piano ballad any easier to take, as the character searches for some connection.

Recently we made a playlist of the 50 most uplifting songs ever. A full hour that sums up what made Linkous such a great composer, I hope you enjoy it. Saddest moment All the B-side of this album, when things get really ugly for the couple, is super sad.

The tears that this song evokes are tears of. I agree, probably no other band will ever achieve this level of sadness and depression while at the same time delivering good even catchy melodies and profound lyrics. Oh could I be the sky on the Fourth of July? But that's not a bad thing, as our playlist of beautifully sad songs proves The goth image means The Cure are unfairly painted as masters of. Liz Harris, her piano, a portable 4-track recorder and a Sony stereo microphone were enough for her to capture skngs enigmatic and gloomy atmosphere that persists through the album.

50 beautifully sad songs | nme

Of course, this should've been most obvious from the music itself. After releasing the equally stunning Chelsea Girl and The Marble IndexCute felt like her true leap of faith into unknown territory. Not only sonically, but the lyrics also dig deep into the soul of a tortured crooner.

With this much despair and hopelessness swirling around, it's teh wonder he found time to fret over technology. Loneliness, emptiness, tears, no sun and a blue coat.

50 beautifully sad songs

The pioneers of slowcore released this incredible album in and cleared the path for many bands to follow. "This isn't just one of my favourite Cure songs, it's songe of my favourite songs of all time. Although Berman had long struggled with treatment-resistant depression — compounded with the death of his mother and separation from his wife of 20 years — the completion of Purple Mountains seemed to buoy his spirits.