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Hoh discipline

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Hoh discipline

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Jan15 Tim has been working a new job for the last month. After 6 years at the same place, this is a change for our family. He had been searching for a move that would allow him more time with the family. He has disappeared from the homefront. This new job, although, not anymore time consuming than his last position, is just as busy.

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In the beginning it is absolutely acceptable to include some of your own rules to follow.

I think people automatically assume the sub has the hardest transition to make when adopting this lifestyle. Share this:.

The next morning we woke up and I got the boys situated. This is not playtime.

He has disappeared from the homefront. In HoH terms that means: you are going to get a spanking. Domestic Discipline Blog! Then he found a website with little girl clothes for grown women.

This new job. It is true that his intervention is never pleasant but most times the unpleasantness is limited to the embarrassment and annoyance of sternly being reminded of how I am supposed to behave and sometimes he emphasises his words with a few hard slaps but the disciplinw, when it is what I deserve, I get a sound and thorough bottom blistering spanking with the strap.

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This is because he knows he has final authority and he takes that power seriously and responsibly. If she wants to learn to submit to him, she must begin. An HOH is more than just a disciplinarian. Free Time: The submissive may do approved activities during her free time. We now have adopted this method of dealing with Discipline.

In his mind, the biggest potential pitfall is that he would become domineering — noh, he would allow the power I have given him to corrupt him. Some punishments last longer than a spanking and corner time…like overspending or getting a speeding ticket. We had a really good night.

How does hoh deal with a smart mouth/attitude? - domestic discipline forum

Maybe it is. I think most people assume that as a Dom he simply imposes his will. You know as soon as he sees it you will be in big disciplinne for being so disrespectful, a look can say more than words at times and any good HoH can not allow this to go unpunished or they will lose the respect of they partner. Submissive will not talk badly about the HOH.

As a Hooh wife, I am here to say, “my HOH is missing”.

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On paper, I should be one as well. There are times when I am less than happy with his decisions, times when I do not get permission to do something I wanted and also times, when I am told to do something other than I at the time would like to do. I wrote about Agreement vs Acceptance in Post The punishment would be a spanking but, sometimes I am so shocked how my wife might respond to something, it throws me off and makes me question if I caused her to react disrespectfully and fail to spank her immediately.

Submissive will request permission before talking to any male that the HOH does not know. I believe when you accept the full responsibility of making decisions, you also are accepting full responsibility in the outcome. It is essential to discipline as soon as possible when one of your rules have been broken, a good HoH has to show consistency, or they disxipline look weak, and a wife will naturally take advantage of a weak HoH.

However tempting at times this seems, I am sure he would find an hour out of his very busy schedule to deal with that attitude. And he takes every opportunity to make me look like one. In other words, the perfect Dominant.

Need to be Be Clear and defined! Self-therapy that is. This entry was posted on January 15,in Our marriage.

Hoh | domestic discipline, jenny style!

A guide to develop the HoH Rules List. And this could not have happened if Mike was domineering, versus Dominant. Submissive will serve the HOH at his request. Tim tried to nip the behavior in the bud, but unfortunately, this is something that we struggle with. Still, they are readily available at discount stores.

A domestic discipline society (adds): hoh: head of household rules

Therefore, you want to make the best decisions possible. In Christian Domestic Discipline, the HOH is the authority to whom the woman must submit. He gets the final say. Discipline Spankings and Family Life Discipline Spankings and Family Life Spankings should never be carried out in front of children or given to children. Sean has called me his little dizcipline since high school.

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When it first comes so far it no longer is just unpleasant but very painful and humbling. Others have to spend the meeting in the corner.

As an example: "No pointing your finger at me" and also, "No raising your voice in anger or frustration toward me. My attitude continued to decline until a severe punishment was in order. The list referred to as the HoH Rules is slowly and patiently developed from the TiH.

Respect and submission in domestic discipline | christian domestic discipline

Submissive will make sure dinner is either disciipline the table or in the process of cooking when the HOH returns from work. Submissive will vacuum daily. Quality being defined as timeliness, effectiveness, and ability to maintain household tranquility.