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Cows for sale in michigan

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Cows for sale in michigan

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We have lived on our farm in Charlotte, Michigan, sincewith our first Highland cattle purchased in xale We started out with 2 heifer calves, and it doesn't seem like we have looked back since. Larry's love has always been in farming, although not necessarily in raising stock. The addition of livestock to the farm was basically Pat's doing. We started first with a collection of horses that rarely got ridden, and decided to replace most of those with something that we considered a tad more practical.

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Michigan Cattle Michiigan. Shamrock Acres Dexter Cattle. We have done well in the show ring, but it is the repeat sales of quality breeding stock that make us most proud. What We Believe We both do everything in our power to educate buyers about necessary care for the cattle, and the farming techniques to aid in that goal.

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They are not fed special for the show ring, but rather are an excellent representation of the cattle that are working in our breeding herd. We started out with 2 heifer calves, and it doesn't seem like we have looked back since. Jon and Jess each experienced a great deal of success in their junior careers, and that passion now continues with their children, Kaytlyn and Easton. This is a terrific educational experience for children to learn where their meat comes from, or they can simply visit and experience a working farm.


Simply put, our beef that we sell is premium quality and healthy, which is some of the best throughout Metro Detroit! How We Work We have a lot of different and exciting things on this website. You will then be asked to provide your specifications for exactly how you want your organic free-range beef processed. Michigzn a result, we do place considerable value of the appearance of the animal.

Jess's roots are in Michigan, and her love michiyan purebred cattle began at a young age showing Angus females. We ed the American Highland Cattle Association when we bought our first 2 heifers inand have been active members ever since.

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We invite you and your family to come take a tour of our country farm to see for yourself exactly how our cows and other livestock are raised in a humane, healthy and happy environment. There is no bovine that is more dramatic than coww outstanding specimen of this particular breed. We have lived on our farm in Charlotte, Michigan, sincewith our first Highland cattle purchased in When your cow has reached the perfect age and is ready to be delivered to your table, we'll deliver michivan to Dunbar.

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We look at feet and legs, udder conformation, disposition and general appearance. This love is what spurred him on to own and operate his own independent farm.

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Located near Jackson, Michigan, Dawson Angus Farms is a family owned operation Registered Angus · Bred Heifers · Donor Cows · Bulls · Club/Show Calves. Dawson Angus Farm is a family owned operation located in Jackson, Michigan.

What sets us apart from others selling Highland cattle? Larry's love has always been ssle farming, although not necessarily in raising stock. The pastures of Judd Organic Angus Farms are located in Belleville, Michigan, where we bring in 18 to month-old Angus cows from Nebraska stock with the finest heritage. Have it cut your way!

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We have a large herd, and offer some truly outstanding animals for sale. This is a very important aspect of the breed's desirability and maintaining those characteristics that contribute to this beauty is an important part of our breeding program. Bessy is a three year old highland cow who has been exposed to a Dexter bull for the. We look forward to working with you soon.

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This might be as a farmer or a hobbyist, and can be practiced on a large or small scale, for food, fun, or profit. Regular Sale Schedule Hay and straw 1 p. Jon grew up in central Illinois on a grain and Hereford cattle farm.

Fed zero antibiotics or growth hormones. Agricultural Service in Hudsonville, Michigan. We attend several shows with our cattle; particularly those in our general area. We proudly serve the greater Detroit and Metro Detroit areas. All of the cows at Judd Organic Angus Farms are fed organically, eating only grains and grasses.

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Coows raise our animals humanely and believe we have an obligation to take good care of our charges. Such Highland owners then become little more than animal collectors, rather than conservators of a unique and rare breed. We also have semen available from 7 outstanding Highland bulls from totally different bloodlines. We've miichigan a decision to begin marketing earlier this year, and are now offering some tremendous females that will fit into any program or situation.

Our cattle are maintained on pasture or forage produced and harvested on the farm.

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We produce our own feed, so we know exactly what and when our cows have been fed. Since its establishment over years ago, the farm has expanded to michivan of the largest registered Angus herds in Michigan. Our beef is perfect for health-conscious meat lovers who want to eat beef without added preservatives, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Show and sale photos are either taken by friends, official photographers or unofficial photographers, and used with permission.

While we expect our cattle to work for us, we also expect to provide the very best care for them that we physically and economically can.