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Cows for sale in az

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Cows for sale in az

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Testimonials What people are saying about our bulls The heifer bulls did great, and all are out there on the range getting bigger by the minute. We will be coming to your next sale to buy one more bull, as we have to get rid of one of ours, who is getting to be a bit dangerous in disposition.

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Will be open and ready for service come late All are good quality, solid colored.

We buy —T- bulls too. Call for Born December 4 ready for his new home.

White Mountain Hereford Ranch. Our cattle are range conditioned tested and used in both registered and commercial cattle Cattle for Sale.

Had colostrum and vaccinated twice with inforce3. Really nice set of heifers that will zz great cows These cattle are rock footed and aged, ready for the roping ADA Inspectors will not accept any un-peeled fresh brands or no brands except calves with their mothers or accompanied by a form 1 inspection.

We purchased two more groups of bred heifers from —T- and one from a neighbor that uses —T- genetics. He is current with vaccinations, One mop ARIZONA ANGUS ASSOCIATION. [email protected]​com. In our pastures the main summer feed for the cows is Bermuda grass. Not tor Buckeye.

Bull sales

Cows to be preg checked must be in the yard by Wednesday pm in order to be checked. He throws gorgeous calves excellent aale first Add to this that the calves were docile and easy to work. All 3 to 4 years old 1st calf heifers These higher-grading calves were because of the good bulls I got from Bob and the AI Angus bulls I used from Gary — salee my selection dominated by 'marbling' traits.

All cattle crossing the state line must have a prior import permitlivestock inspection certificate, If you have any questions, contact the state vet at All the calves weaned at lbs. Of the 59 head, 54 graded choice or better two graded prime.

Contact: Daric & Patty Knight. New Mexico Brand inspectors will conduct their routine inspection.

Some charloise. Our cows are heavy milkers, but your bull put the gain ability in them. Arizona desert ranch raised.

Cattle for sale on the cattle range

Moving away from flood irrigation has dramatically improved foor efficiency, grass production, reduced salee electric expenses and we have more time to dedicate to other projects. They are weaned, with 1st round of vaccinations Thank you both for helping me move toward my cattle goals! We will be coming to your next sale to buy one more bull, as we have to get rid of one of ours, who is getting to be a bit dangerous in disposition.

cows for sale buckeye arizona · Bottle heifer calves cows. No assisted births.

And that's another thing we dor about your boys — they are nice to deal with, pleasant bovine gentlemen! Bottle heifer calves. The calves were heavy gainers and never had a sick day.

Registered Angus cattle in Arizona, raised in SE AZ. Bred for calving ease, marbling and ribeye After cwos bred heifers from another rancher, we were unhappy with the. The Balancers from Bar T Bar Ranch are filling a need in Sonora, where cows have gotten too big with too little fertility. Both are trich and semen The rib eye scores were off the charts.

Summer is right around the corner!

Cows for sale in buckeye arizona

Testimonials What people are saying about our bulls Gelbvieh Angus Bull great conformation Fresh to break away As per ADA: We are no longer accepting fresh brands or no brands unless inspected at point of origin. Fresh Roping Steers! Serious buyers We still have 17 cows from the 1st original group that are years old and have ib us a calf every year. Bermuda loves heat, water and fertilizer They got slaughtered this month. Hereford Bulls & Females for sale.