Bet Today Island Casino Review

Don't let the name fool you. Island Casino is an excellent sportsbook. It's part of the 5 Dimes family of online sportsbooks/casinos, so you know it's going to be good. There are several differences between Island Casino and 5 Dimes, several of which we'll point out here.

The look of the home pages are similar, although once you reach the sportsbook there is a difference. You may want to visit both sites and see if there is one that is more to your liking. Personally, we prefer the 5 Dimes site, but not everybody has the same tastes when it comes to website design.

As with 5 Dimes there are plenty of betting options available, so fans of every sport will be able to find something that interests them. Island Casino also has a number of prop bets available. As an example, in the NBA playoffs, you can wager on which team is leading after the first three, six or nine minutes, or which team will hit 20 points first or 30 points first. While those may not be serious bets, they can be fun and it's nice to have the ability to place a wager on those if you so desire.

Bonus Program

Again, the bonus program structure is similar to 5 Dimes, and players can choose the same types of bonus programs. You do have to specify which one you want. Our personal preference is the reduced juice offering, although a case can be made for the 30% Super Saver Bonus, which allows you to lay -107 on all of the major sports, as well as receive higher parlay payouts.

Recreational Players Welcome

Much like 5 Dimes, Island Casino doesn't really say that professional bettors are welcome, although they so state "Bonus-hunters are not welcome at," which is a bit of an indication that they would prefer the regular, casual type of bettor who is more interested in having fun than breaking the bank. Their betting limit is the same $5,000 as 5 Dimes for major sports and they state that lesser sports are likely to have smaller limits.


Island Casino is pretty much a copy of 5 Dimes, which isn't a bad thing by any means, and since the 5 Dimes Family is behind the sportsbook you can feel confident that you'll get paid. It's worth your time to visit the two sites and see which you like the best before settling on one, as you can only have one account number at the 5 Dimes Family of sportsbooks/casinos, which also includes View Bet, SportBet,Chinese Bookie and several others. Still, Island Casino is a solid choice and it's hard to find fault with anything that they do.

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