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Bovada can trace its roots back to 1995 when it first began as Bodog, one of the most popular and well-respected sportsbooks of all-time. When the United States government seized the popular Bodog domain name, Bovada was created in December, 2011 for United States bettors.

Betting limits at Bovada are less than many other sportsbooks, but fit the needs of the vast majority of bettors, who aren't going to be wagering more than $2,000 on a football game or $1,000 on a baseball game. Betting limits for other sports are $500 for college basketball and soccer, but the limits for UFC/Mixed Martial Arts fights are a generous $2,000.

Bonus Program

Bovada does pretty well in the bonus department, offering bettors 50% of their initial deposit up to $250. Players can also earn up to $100 each time they refer a friend to Bovada who signs-up. The company also has special promotions throughout the year for all bettors, including those who play poker, horses or in the casino.

Bettors have different options for when it comes to making deposits with Bovada. Bettors can use a Visa card, including pre-paid gift cards, which Bovada states is a good alternative instead of using your regular credit cards. Bettors can also use Rapid Transfer or Money Transfer and Bovada will reimburse players the associated fees for deposits over $300 or more.

Withdraws can be made by requesting a check or through Rapid Transfer, but bettors are responsible for the fees, which range between $20 for withdraws of $200 or less, up to $60 for the maximum Rapid Transfer withdraw of $750.

Recreational Players Welcome

Bovada targets the recreational bettor and has everything they could possibly want, offering a wide array of betting opportunities, ranging from the popular sports to rugby, snooker and cricket. Bovada is known for its large variety of entertainment-type wagers, which include movies, film and music wagers, along with politics.

One of the best reasons for choosing Bovada is that they have developed an outstanding reputation for paying players. Payouts may not be the fastest in the industry, but are still done in a timely manner and most bettors don't mind waiting an extra day or two for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will get paid.


For the recreational bettor, Bovada is simply an outstanding sportsbook. There are numerous betting options, including a number of in-game wagering opportunities, and the site is simple to navigate and use. The typical sports bettors wants to add a little bit of fun to their television viewing and Bovada makes it possible for that to happen.

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