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When it comes to choosing an online sportsbook there are many different variables that have to be considered. The ease of making deposits and withdraws needs to be given some consideration, as does the sportsbook's bonus program. The different betting options is another important factor to consider, as is the sportsbook's target bettor, as some sportsbooks specifically state that they do not accept wagers from professional bettors, a term that can be interpreted to mean almost anything the sportsbook wants it to.

For some bettors, live wagering is extremely important, while larger bettors are worried about exceeding the house limit and will want a sportsbook that takes larger-than-normal bets.

But the No. 1 question you should have when looking at a new sportsbook is, "Do they pay?" If you're talking about, the answer is a resounding yes and that's a good enough reason right there to open an account with them. But has plenty of other things going for them, as well.

Bookmaker is one of the oldest online sportsbooks around, which lets you know they are doing something right. Bookmaker offers some of the highest betting limits that you will find anywhere, ranging from $50,000 on the NFL to $10,000 on Major League Baseball and the NBA, so very few bettors will ever need higher limits than those offered at Bookmaker.

Bonus Program

Bookmaker offers a solid bonus program that begins on your initial deposit, as new players earn a 15% bonus up to a maximum of $2,500. Additional deposits earn a bonus between 10% and 15%, which is determined by how much you wager. On Tuesday, any deposit over $100 will earn a 20% bonus, which makes it the logical day to make deposits even if you only bet on weekend football. It's basically free money.

Bookmaker has a strong live betting platform and winning wagers made during live betting are instantly credited to your account. Some sportsbooks will force you to wait until the completion of the game before crediting your account, but not Bookmaker.

You will also find most overnight lines posted as early as 3 p.m. EST the day before the game and once again, Bookmaker has higher limits than the majority of the competition on overnight lines. You'll find all of the major sports at Bookmaker, along with a healthy dose of motorsports, mixed martial arts and boxing, golf, tennis and plenty more. There is also a poker room, casino gaming and horse racing book offered for those times you want a little break from sports.

Professional Players Welcome

If you're a professional bettor, Bookmaker will welcome you with open arms and you don't have to worry about having your account closed or your betting limits reduced if you are winning or just beating the line moves.

Bookmaker makes it easy to get your money in or out of the sportsbook without the hassles that are found at many other online sportsbooks. The withdraw fees are extremely reasonable and the payout time is better than most.


Bookmaker offers everything a sports bettor could ask for in a sportsbook and constantly earns praise for the way they do business. Once you open an account with them, you'll see why that is.

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