Bet Today Bet DSI Review

Bet DSI has been around since the 1990s and is owned by BMX Entertainment, Ltd., which also owns, letting you know that you are dealing with a first-class sportsbook. Bet DSI can be thought of as Bookmaker's twin brother, as they have recently increased their betting limits to equal those of Bookmaker and all but the highest of high rollers will ever need anything more, as $50,000 NFL bets or $10,000 NBA bets are above the means of nearly every sports bettor.

Even though Bet DSI is owned by the same company as Bookmaker, Bet DSI is its own sportsbook and there will be times when the lines offered at Bet DSI are going to be slightly different than those offered at Bookmaker, making it worth your while to have accounts with both books. A half-point here or a couple of cents on the money line there can make a huge difference in your bankroll over the course of time.

Bonus Program

Bet DSI has a decent bonus program, including a 20% bonus for new sign-ups making a deposit of $300 or more. The bonus is capped at $500, so you can deposit $2,500 when you sign-up and will have $3,000 to bet with in your account. There is a 5X rollover requirement. Deposits of more than $100 on Tuesday or Wednesday receive a 20% bonus, which is when bettors should look to add funds to their accounts. Bet DSI has a constant offering of other bonuses and promotions so be sure to check the site regularly.

Professional Players Welcome

Bet DSI also accepts wagers from professional players, which should give you some peace of mind if you happen to go on a winning streak or beat the line moves, as you don't have to worry about being locked out of your account or see your wagers reduced to ridiculous amounts.

Bet DSI offers early overnight lines, a variety of proposition-type bets that you won't find elsewhere. The casino, poker room, and horsebook feature their own special promotions, making Bet DSI a one-stop shop for gamblers of all tastes.


But the best thing about DSI is that with BMX Entertainment, Ltd., behind them, you can rest assured that your money is safe and will be available to you when you wish to make a withdraw. That puts Bet DSI in a select group of sportsbooks and makes them one out that you should have.

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