Bet Today 5 Dimes Review

5 Dimes is one of the giants in the online sports betting world and there's plenty of good reasons for that. The sportsbook has been in business since 1999 and offers plenty of features that you just won't find at other sportsbooks, including a wide assortment of reduced juice offerings, numerous alternate spreads, and one of the best overnight selections of lines that you'll find anywhere. But their greatest claim to fame is that they always pay and they pay fast.

5 Dimes offers an excellent in-game betting platform for those who like to have action riding on each play and plenty of proposition bets and futures. The wagering menu is one of the best that you'll find anywhere on the Internet and the lines come out early, such as Sunday night for the following weekend's football games. 5 Dimes also offers some of their best odds on overnight bets.

Bonus Program

5 Dimes lets you choose from several different bonus programs when you sign-up for an account, with the reduced juice program being the most popular, although you can elect to choose the 30% Super Saver Reward , the Point Mover Special Reward Program or Cash Back Rewards. The difference between the reduced juice program and the Super Saver is that reduced juice offerings let you lay -105, while you lay -107 with the Super Saver, but you also receive higher parlay payouts, such as 6.24-to-1 instead of 6-to-1 on a three-team parlay and 26.10-to-1 on a five-team parlay instead of the usual 24.35-to-1. If you bet parlays, you may like the Super Saver program, otherwise the reduced juice offering is the way to go.

Recreational Players Welcome

5 Dimes doesn't really come out and say that professional bettors are not welcome, but they also don't state that they're welcome, as several other sportsbooks do. The early release times and reduced juice offerings are going to ensure that 5 Dimes gets its share of sharper bettors, which is fine, although the betting limits of $5,000 for online wagers is likely to keep some of the bigger syndicates and pros out, but isn't a problem for 98% of sports bettors.


There's a good reason why 5 Dimes is rated so highly universally - they have a great product and solid reputation for meeting their financial obligations. There are plenty of lines of games that you're unlikely to find anywhere else and a number of added props and wagers available for the majority of other games. What more could you ask for in a sportsbook? Open an account at 5 Dimes and Bet Today.

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