How to Bet on Golf

Golf doesn't rank particularly high when it comes to betting popularity, but there are enough fans of the sport that the sportsbooks typically post odds on all of the PGA Tour events and some of the larger foreign tournaments. Some sportsbooks will offer odds on many of the smaller overseas tournaments, as well, so if golf is important to you, it's worth checking out several different sportsbooks to see which one offers the most betting opportunities.

There are several different methods of betting on a golf tournament, with choosing the eventually winner the most popular, as you may be able to catch a winner at generous odds. For the bigger events, such as the Grand Slam tournaments, the sportsbooks will often offer adjusted betting odds after each round.

Some sportsbooks will offer wagers on a particular golfer to finish in the top three and the payout will be slightly less than one-third of the winning price. A golfer who goes off at 25-to-1 to win a tournament will be between 7-to-1 and 8-to-1 to finish in the top three.

The remaining wager is head-to-head matchups involving two golfers and in the early rounds the sportsbooks will try to match several golfers who are comparable in ability. It's unlikely that you'll see a tournament favorite in a head-to-head matchup against somebody who is 150-to-1 to win an event. In later rounds many of the matchups involve players who are close to each other on the leaderboard.

The biggest disadvantage to head-to-head golf betting is that the 30-cent line is the one most often used, so you will find yourself laying -115 on a match rated even, as opposed to -105 in baseball or -110 in football or basketball.

When looking at a tournament from a handicapping perspective, remember that the marquee players are often going to be an overlay, meaning that the odds offered on them are less than their actual chance of winning. The sportsbooks know they will get money on Tiger Woods, regardless of how poorly he is playing, so the odds on Woods are often poor.

Look for golfers who have fared well on a particular course in the past. Different courses favor different types of players. A short, but straight, hitter off the tees may not have much of a chance on the longer, wider courses, but may be a good candidate for a decent finish on an extremely tight course.

Betting on golf is similar to many other sports and those who wish to place a bet should have no problems doing so.

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