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You have to give the folks at BetAmerica credit. They have taken the two legal online betting opportunities that are available in the United States and done an excellent job of making them accessible and fun for everybody. While we looked at BetAmerica's horse racing offerings here this article will concentrate more on their fantasy sports offerings.

BetAmerica offers a number of daily fantasy sports games and there are six different types of contests that are offered:

  • Guaranteed Contests: These featured daily fantasy sports contests will run regardless if they reach their max player count and the designated prize pool is guaranteed to payout according to the specific contest description.

  • Salary Cup Contests: Salary cap contests are the standard type of contest across the daily fantasy sports industry. Each sport and contest has its own unique cap that you must use to pick your team of players. You do not have to use all of your salary cap, but you can’t go over the cap when picking your roster.

  • Pick'em Contests: Pick’em contests eliminate the standard salary system allowing users to select any player from the list provided. Typically, pick’em contests are tiered where users have to select one player from each tier to create their one day fantasy league roster.

  • EasyScore Contests: A BetAmerica Sports trademark, EasyScore is a Fun and Easy way to play fantasy sports daily. EasyScore is unique in that players only score from one real life statistic. For example, one passing yard will equal one fantasy point or one home run will equal one fantasy point.

  • Multi-Entry Contests: These contests allow users to enter more than one roster into the same contest. The number of rosters per user will be designated in the contest name in the BetAmerica Sports lobby.

  • Promotional Contests: These contests are special promotional contests designated by a gold tag in the lobby. BetAmerica's $1Million contests will be tagged as a promotional contest for players to easily identify them.

    Contests run daily and the sports included are the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and college football, so sports fans of all interests are likely to find something that gets their attention. Entry fees vary, but most are extremely affordable and present the opportunity to make a nice amount of change and there are also plenty of freeroll contests for you to participate in.

    BetAmerican may not be as well-known as several of the other fantasy sports sites, but they present a solid product and make it a fun and easy process to get involved. There is plenty of help to get you started if any questions arise and it's the best choice out there for newcomers to the world of daily fantasy sports.

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