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The majority of online sportsbooks also have an assortment of casino games available on their site and it isn't unusual for sports bettors to at least dabble in the casino games on occasion. It's easy and convenient, but for sports bettors who play casino games on a regular basis, it's also costing them plenty of money in lost bonuses that they could receive from a casino-only sites such as or Golden Spins.

The main reason for this is that casino-only sites are going to give you better bonuses than you'll receive from a sportsbook. Much like how sportsbooks are viewed as necessary evils by the casinos in Las Vegas, the casino-only websites can guarantee themselves a small profit. A slot machine with a 98.5% payback isn't bad for the players and the casino knows it's going to make its 1.5% profit.

A sportsbook can't guarantee profits, even though they tend to come out ahead in the long run. It makes sense that the casinos, with their guaranteed profits, can offer better promotions for players.

We'll look at some of the top online casinos:
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