Sports Insights Review

As one who visits dozens of sports betting sites on a daily basis, I can say without hesitation that Sports Insights is one of those that gets multiple visits each and every day to check the latest line moves and betting percentages. It's one site that no sports bettor should do without.

Naturally, the big thing that most people are going to use Sports Insights for are the free odds that come from a number of different sportsbooks, including sharp books like Bookmaker or Pinnacle, to the more public sportsbooks like Bovada. That will give bettors a chance to see how the two different factions are viewing a game and that will typically be reflected in the difference in the odds. Odds are delayed for 15 minutes on the free feed, meaning that if Bookmaker moves a game from -6 to -5.5 it will not show up for 15 minutes.

Premium or Free?

Sports Insights has plenty of free offerings, but also has several different premium plans for more serious bettors through their Sportsbook Insider. There is the Sportsbook Insider Premium package for $149 per month and the Sportsbook Insider Pro package for $249 per month. Both plans come with real time odds from 50 different sportsbooks and live betting percentages from seven different sportsbooks. The paid packages also come with first and second half lines, quarter lines, in-game odds and more. All sports, including NASCAR, golf and soccer lines are included with either of the premium plans.

The big difference between the two is that the Pro plan includes all of Sports Insights' Best Bets, which have historically won 54 to 55% of the time, as well as their Bet Signals, such as Steam Moves, Reverse Line Plays and Contrarian Plays. The Best Bet plays are also sold for $20 each, so there is a pretty big savings by joining for the month. A four-day trial is available for $79.

Bet Labs

Bet Labs is one of the newer features that Sports Insights offers and it allows users to create their own systems based on a number of factors, including line moves and betting percentages, along with stats, previous game data, and plenty more. Think of it as a statistical handicapping method that also allows you to incorporate the line, line moves and betting percentages. The regular subscription rate is $99 a month and allows you access to one sport, while the Bet Labs Unlimited is $199 per month and allows you unlimited queries for all sports. A six-day trial is available for $49.


Regardless if you purchase any of the plans, Sports Insights is a site that should be visited every day. The free betting percentages, informative blogs and more is worthwhile reading for every sports bettor. Of the paid plans, the Sportsbook Insider Pro is the best of the bunch. While it's a bit pricey at $249 per month, that's less than the cost of a sports service and very few can match the long-term record of Sports Insights. The additional plays and line updates are an added bonus and good information for sports bettors to have.

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