The Value of Odds Shopping

If somebody told you they could boost your winning percentage between 1 and 2 points and also help you make more money on your moneyline wagers and the entire process would take fewer than 10 minutes would you believe them? Probably not, and for good reason.

While that statement happens to sound like wishful thinking, it does happen to be true, and the one thing that you can do is simply open another sportsbook account or two and shop for the best odds before placing a bet.

In Las Vegas, sports bettors drive all over town looking for a half-point here or a few cents there. If you're betting online, it's simply a matter of logging into a different website and will take just a few seconds.

I'm writing this on Wednesday, Sept. 10, and one of the teams I happen to like tonight is the Kansas City Royals. At Carbon Sports the lines read, Detroit-109 and Kansas City-101. If I go to Bet DSI the lines are Detroit-115 and Kansas City+105. Naturally, it makes sense for me to bet Kansas City at Bet DSI, just as it would make sense for me to bet on Detroit at Carbon Sports if I liked the Tigers.

Those types of line differences occur on a regular basis and are something that sports bettors should look to take advantage of when possible. On Sunday's NFL game between Washington and Jacksonville, Bet DSI has Washington-6, while Carbon has Washington-5.5. The first two games on the college schedule have key differences, as Marshall is -20.5 at Carbon Sports and -21 at Bet DSI, while Indiana is -7 at Bet DSI and -7.5 at Carbon Sports.

The most baffling aspect is that many guys who will drive 20 miles to save $20 on a television set or visit several different grocery stores to take advantage of a sale will place a bet without checking to see if they are getting the best of the odds or not.

Your theoretical profit from having more than one account will also increase if you sign-up for one of the sportsbooks listed on this page, which makes you eligible for free contests where you can win cash at no risk, ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

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