Reverse Line Moves

One of the most interesting topics when it comes to sports betting is the concept of reverse line moves. Simply stated, a reverse line move is when one team or total is receiving a majority of the wagers, but the point spread moves the other way.

If a team is favored by 10 points and is receiving 68% of the wagers in a game, you would expect the line to move to 10.5 or 11, but if the number moves to 9, you have a reverse line move. There are several reasons for reverse line moves, such as injuries, weather and suspensions, but the most likely reason is big money bets on the other side, which is probably due to wise guys and betting syndicates.

If the Yankees are -150 against the Angels and 70% of bets are coming in on New York, you would expect to see the odds change to New York -155 or New York -160. In a reverse line move, the odds would instead drop and the money line would become New York -145 or -140.

The same premise holds true for totals. If the total on a Knicks game is 197 and 71% of the bets come in on the over, logic would say that the total either stayed the same or increased slightly, but if it dropped to 196, them a reverse line move has taken place.

As a bettor, you should always be on the lookout for reverse line moves, not to necessarily follow, as many times the value can be gone from the big money games before you can act. If the total in the Knicks game dropped to 195, you would have lost two points from when the "sharp" money came in, so you may want to just stay away from the game, as opposed to betting a betting a bad number.

There are several different ways of tracking betting percentages on any game. Several sportsbooks allow you to see the percentage of bets that are coming in on each team, which is a nice feature, but only covers the betting at that one particular sportsbook. To see the percentages of bets across a larger spectrum, you need to use a service like Sports Insights, which is the best of the odds services and bet tracking sights around. Read Allen Moody's review of Sports Insights here.

Sports Insights has a number of excellent free resources, but serious bettors will no doubt find value in their premium services, which include notifications of Steam Money Moves and Sharp Money Plays, Contrarian Plays and Sports Insights Best Bets, which have consistently shown a profit over the years. For the less than the price of a sports service, you can have winning plays e-mailed and texted to your phone.

If you're serious about winning, take a good look at Sports Insights.

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